Virtual Show!

Thanks to COVID 19, we had to cancel our live show this year, but many of us are still itching to get feedback on our animals. Mile High Mini Milkers is sponsoring a Virtual Show for Mini owners in Colorado! Beverly Goldthwaite and Kirsten Castro will be judging. This show will be for education, fun, and bragging rights; but won’t be sanctioned by the registries. The show is open to all registered mini breeds (not dwarfs). Please participate! It’s an easy, inexpensive and risk-free way to get some professional feedback on your animals. We are also timing our show so that you can enter the SAME pictures in the MDGA V-show and TMGR Conformation Clinic.

WHEN: Deadline for submission and payment is Sept 15th.

HOW: Take the required pictures and video and submit them with your entry form.

COST: $5/head PayPal to

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