Kids for Kids

One of our goals for Mile High Mini Milkers is to give back to the community in a way that also promotes the Mini breeds. Our Kids for Kids program was born by answering a Facebook request. This spring, Jessie Task posted a request looking for some goats to populate his farm. What makes Jessie’s situation unique is that he is starting his farm as a place where foster kids can learn how to care for animals and also learn many of the life skills that go along with livestock farming. While Jessie isn’t quite ready to take on milking, he is open to taking wethers and retired does. We put out the call to the local community, and very soon we had long list of healthy goats as potential candidates. Since Jessie lives in Kentucky, the goats will require a CVI (health check) for interstate travel. Our vet, Dr Balch has agreed to donate her time and most of the costs associated with the CVI. Mile High Mini Milkers will cover the rest. Keith Gunn will wether any bucklings who need to be wethered prior to trip, pro bono. Jessie is overcome with gratitude and said we are the only organization who responded willing to work with him to keep costs down for his cause. Jesse will be making the trip out to Colorado in August to pick up his new herd.

Mile High Mini Milkers hopes to be able to do this kind of thing on an annual basis. If you know of an organization or individual who could use some assistance building a herd for teaching or therapy purposes, please contact us. Please note that any potential beneficiary will be thoroughly screened to ensure that our goats are going to a caring, healthy and safe home.

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