Mission Statement and Goals

Mile High Mini Milkers was created when a group of Colorado Mini breeders wanted an opportunity to show our goats. There had never been a Mini Dairy Goat show in Colorado before, and we decided it would be up to us to make one. The show required a sponsoring organization, so we decided to make one of those, too. We dubbed ourselves the Mile High Mini Milkers, and commenced to planning. Along the way, we realized there was a true need in our state for more networking and education among the breeders. We realized other needs, too. Many of us have a desire to give back to the community. Some of us have Special Needs (human) kids and saw an opportunity to incorporate goat exhibition and care in a Special Needs program. We quickly realized that Mile High Mini Milkers was going to be far more than a “show” organization. We are applying for 501c3 non-profit status to help us fund our goals, and will continue to recruit members and grow. Here’s a breakdown of what we are about:

Our Mission Statement:

Mile High Mini Milkers is a non profit (501c3 pending) organization whose purpose shall be the promotion and development of Miniature Dairy Goat Breeds, the education and support of Colorado breeders; and utilizing Mini Dairy Goats to reach out to the community, particularly marginalized groups such as the elderly and special needs individuals.

The goals of the Mile High Mini Milkers shall be:

  1. To develop and promote Miniature Dairy Goats in Colorado
  2. To promote the breeding and improve the quality of the Mini Dairy goats in Colorado.
  3. To encourage camaraderie, networking and mentorship among Colorado Miniature Dairy Goat breeders.
  4. To educate Colorado Mini Dairy Goat breeders of the best practice in animal husbandry, to include diet and veterinary care.
  5. To educate the public of the value of the Miniature Dairy Goat breeds, and goat milk products.
  6. To extend membership of the organization to all owners of Miniature Dairy Goats.
  7. To promote and encourage the exhibition of Miniature Dairy Goats in Colorado.
  8. To encourage members to become involved in the national Mini Goat registries such as MDGA and TMGR.
  9. To develop youth interest in the Miniature Dairy Goat Breeds by partnering with local chapters of FFA and 4-H
  10. To provide ownership, education and exhibition opportunities to the Special Needs community by holding events accessible to those in need.
  11. To respond to areas in the community that are in need of assistance in a way that also allows us to share and promote Mini Dairy Goats. Example: donating goats to farms used to educate children about agriculture and responsibility.
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