Show Rules

Mile High Mini Milkers Fuzzy Show Addition!

Laramie County Fair Complex at Archer

3801 Archer Parkway, Cheyenne, WY 82009

May 28th, 2022 

MDGA Show Rules

Eligibility to participate in an MDGA sanctioned live show requires that you be a current MDGA member.

  1. In order for animals to be accepted for participation in an MDGA show, the owner must present either an official registration certificate or a registrar-issued confirmation email with a registration number assigned to each animal being considered for registration. Late MDGA registration applications must be submitted to the registrar a minimum of 8 days prior to a show.
  2. To compete in an MDGA sanctioned “Experimental” show, a miniature dairy goat is not required to be registered with MDGA but may be registered with another official miniature dairy goat registry. If such an animal is awarded Grand Champion of its breed, the animal’s owner will have two weeks from the show date to register the goat with MDGA in order for the animal to receive the winning leg; otherwise, the leg will be awarded to the Reserve Champion as long as the Reserve Champion is registered with MDGA.
  3. All MDGA-recorded “Grade” animals are eligible to be shown in sanctioned “Experimental” shows and are also eligible to receive Champion or Reserve Champion wins. To be shown, all registered or recorded grade animals whose certificates were issued by a registry other than MDGA must meet the MDGA standards for registration/recordation. Should it win, an animal belonging to this category must be registered with MDGA within two weeks to receive its official Champion win.
  4. For all entries in a sanctioned show, either a registration certificate or an email from the registrar showing that an application for registration has been submitted to the registry must be presented to the show secretary or appointed trustee at the time of check-in.
  5. All animals must be tattooed or microchipped with assigned tattoo numbers prior to arrival at the show. (No tattoos or microchips should be applied at the show.) Owners of animals with microchips must have a microchip reader available at the show. Champion and Reserve Champion animals will not receive official awards if the tattoo or microchip cannot be read.
  6. Tattoo(s) must match the recorded information exactly on the registration certificate to receive credit for an official “leg”. If the tattoo is correct but in the wrong location, MDGA will award the Championship but without the “official leg”. If the tattoo is incorrect for that animal said animal will be disqualified.
  7. Animals with horns or scurs exceeding two inches are not acceptable for showing.

TMGR Show Rules

1. An official TMGR registration certificate is required for any animal entered and shall be presented to the show secretary prior to the start of the show. An animal that is registered with TMGR on the day of the show must have a TMGR certificate present and the animal’s TMGR registration number must be recorded on the Show Report to qualify for a GCH leg. Miniature goats with an official MDGA registration certificate may show and be counted in the total animals shown, but may not record a win unless registered with TMGR within 10 days of the date of the show. If the animal is not registered with TMGR within the 10 day period following the show, the Reserve Champion will record the win if otherwise eligible. The show secretary will be responsible for assuring that each animal is accompanied by the proper TMGR registration certificate before the animal is shown.

2. In lieu of original registration certificates an officially validated faxed or electronic copy of the registration certificate from the Registrar shall be accepted by show officials.

3. Proof of ownership shall be the name on the official registration certificate, unless ownership has changed within 90 days of the show and a transfer of ownership form is presented with the certificate. In that case, ownership shall be the name on the transfer form. Transfer of ownership forms that are dated more than 90 days prior to the show date will not be honored as proof of ownership.

4. An animal may be judged in only one age class per show. Proof of birth date shall be the birth date on the animal’s official registration certificate.

5. The base date for computing the age of the animal shall be the day the animal is to be judged, unless otherwise stated by a Fair Board in its rules governing livestock. This date must be stated on the show application and in the rules.

6. Health certificates may be required if specified in the schedule of classes and official show rules. When health certificates are not required, the show officials shall see that all animals brought to the show grounds are in apparent good health and free from noticeable disease. Show officials may deny entry if animal does not appear in good health.

7. Any animal disqualified in its class will not be counted in the total number of animals shown for sanction purposes.

8. Animals are required to have a legible tattoo and/or microchip as a condition for recording a Grand or Reserve Grand Champion win. (Animals under 6 months of age are exempt from this rule.) Owner will be responsible for providing a microchip reader if animals are chipped.

9. There are no minimum or maximum age restrictions.

10. Any animal of any age may be measured at any time by the judge at the judge’s discretion while in the show ring.

Mile High Mini Milkers Mini Dairy Goat Show Rules

This MHMM show is sanctioned by MDGA and TMGR. MDGA show rules shall govern in order for an MDGA registered goat to win GCH or RGCH. TMGR show rules shall govern in order for a TMGR registered goat to win GCH or RGCH. See Show Rules above.

All entries are nonrefundable. 

  1. DO NOT CLIP YOUR GOATS FOR THIS SHOW. Udder clipping and clipping hair that obscures the udder is acceptable.
  2. MHMM Mini Dairy Goat show is separately sanctioned for Senior Mini Nubian Does, Junior Mini Nubian Does, and Combined Mini Nubian Senior and Junior Bucks.
  3. Base date for calculating age is May 29th, 2022.
  4. There is no pre-show milk-out. Please be sure your does are shown with a comfortable amount of milk in their udders.
  5. Exhibitors should dress appropriately – white shirt and denim pants/skirt are preferred.
  6. No glass containers of any kind are allowed on the grounds, and milk dumping only in designated areas.
  7. Please come prepared with tie chains, especially if you are showing in more than one class. We will have volunteers to help show but they may not always be available to help you. Ask for help when checking in if you will need help showing.
  8. In addition, please keep ALL first and second place animals ringside so that we may quickly get them in the lineup for Grand and Reserve Champion. All first place animals will line up when it is called, with all second place animals directly behind those places.
  9.  Upon arrival, the animals will be subject to a hands-on vet check provided by Signe Balch, DVM. Animals showing suspicious abscesses or signs of serious illness or disease must be removed from the property. The Show Committee reserves the right to refuse any animals showing signs of ill health.
  10. Animals and Exhibitors are showing at their own risk. MHMM will not be held responsible for any injury, death, sickness, or complication that may arise as a result from showing at the Laramie County Fairgrounds to you or your animals. Entering this show will indicate the exhibitor has read and understands all the rules and agrees to follow all the rules and holds no accountability to the show or show committee for anything gone wrong, lost, stolen, injured, sick, or death.
  11. ORDER OF SHOW will be as follows:
  • –  Senior Mini Nubian Does
  • –  Junior Mini Nubian Does
  • –  Combined Mini Nubian Bucks
  • Best in Show Doe
  • Best in Show Buck

Junior Does (under 2 years old; never freshened)

Class 1: Junior doelings – born between April and show date

Class 2: Intermediate doelings – born in March

Class 3: Senior doelings – born in January or February

Class 4: Junior dry yearlings – Born May 29th 2021-December 31, 2021

Class 5: Dry yearlings – are twelve to 24 months old and have never freshened

Senior Does (Does that have freshened or been in milk)

Class 6: Senior does less than two years old

Class 7:  Senior does: between two and three years old

Class 8:  Senior does between three and four years old

Class 9:  Senior does between four and five years old

Class 10:  Senior does five years old and older

Combined Bucks

Class 11: Junior bucklings – born between April and show date

Class 12: Intermediate bucklings – born in January, February or March, 2022

Class 13: Senior bucklings – born between May 29th 2021-December 31, 2021

Class 14: Bucks between one and two years old

Class 15: Bucks between two and three years old

Class 16: Bucks between three and four years old

Class 17: Bucks between four and five years old

Class 18: Bucks five years old and older

  1. Arrival and check-in will begin Saturday, May 28th from 12:00pm – 1:30pm and Judging will begin at 2:00pm for Ring 1.
  2. Entry fees are non-refundable. Your entries  will cost $15 apiece, each additional. Max entry fee $75. Entry fees are due by May 21st, 2022.
  3. You will be required to rent pens for $6 apiece. The pens are 4′ x 5′. Each pen can hold several goats, but bucks and does may NOT share pens. Shavings are available to purchase in advance for $10. 
  4. Entries are to be completed on the MHMM Mini Dairy Goat Show Form

All Show Fees are to be paid via PayPal to MileHighMiniMilkers

  1. By entering the MHMM Mini Dairy Goat Show, you indicate that you have READ and UNDERSTAND these show rules and you agree to comply with them.
  2. For questions or information, email

Since WyDGA is graciously hosting us, there are some rules of theirs that we need to follow as well. Please read and understand the following:

Clipped goats will not be allowed to enter the ring.
COVID-19 regulations are in effect per local area.

Health Requirements:

Wyoming law requires all out-of-state goats be accompanied by a valid health certificate (CVI). A Scrapie Premise ID number may be required to obtain the CVI, please note that tattoos accompanying a matching registration paper are acceptable Scrapie ID in Wyoming. A press release attesting to this is available on the Wyoming Livestock Board website. Health certificates will be verified at time of check-in. Diseased or injured animals will be removed from the grounds upon recommendation of the show committee.

Animals deemed unworthy of competition by the show committee may be barred from the completion and removed from the grounds. In such cases, pen and entry fees submitted by the owner will be forfeited.

Milk out at your own discretion. Over-uddered does WILL be discriminated against. Do not clip your goats for this show. Clipped goats will not be allowed to enter the show ring.

The following areas may be trimmed for judging purposes: udder, excess hair on back legs that obscures udder or escutcheon, inside of ears or tails for viewing tattoos. No body clip.

All goats must be dehorned or naturally polled.

Youth Showmanship:

Showmanship classes will begin promptly at scheduled times.

Showmanship Classes (age as of Jan 1, 2022)

PeeWee (under 8 years) Junior (8-10 years) Intermediate (11-13 years) Senior (14-19 years)

Dogs: Dogs are not allowed in the penning area or barns.

All service dogs MUST follow ADA guidelines. Emotional support animals, comfort animals, and therapy
dogs are NOT service animals under Title II and Title III of the ADA.
Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.

Refer to (ADA 2010 Revised Requirements: Service Animals) for further information.

Pens: Pen size is approximately 4’x5’x5’. All animals MUST be penned on the fairgrounds. Pens will be assigned.

Feed and Bedding:

Owners provide their own feed and bedding. See a committee member for locations. Shavings will be available by pre-order only. Indicate quantity on entry form.


Camping is allowed in the campgrounds only. Contact Laramie County Events for pricing at 307-633-4670.

Sleeping in barns is NOT allowed.


From I-80 take exit 370 to Archer Parkway
Keep straight at round-a-bout. Show is located in the Events Center at Archer. See map at

Click to access Laramie-County-Events-Venue-Guide-1.pdf

Loading/Unloading will be most accessible through the south-east corner of the barn.

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